Where do I get a Ramsbottom Anglers permit?

If you send your payment and a self addressed envelope to the membership secretary we will post it back to you. You can call at the Lido on a Thursday evening when we Have junior coaching or drop in to the Fisherman’s Way, Walshaw Road where you can pay for a collect a permit.

Do I need an EA rod licence?

If you are over 16 years old you need a Trout, coarse fish, eel licence. You cvould be fined up to £2500 for fishing without one.
Children 13-16 are free but you still need to get a junior licence. Children under 13 years do not need an EA licence. For full details and to pay on line see www.gov.uk/fishing-licences

Do I need a key?

Currently you need a key to open the gate for Crown Pools and Clarenden Street. They are different keys and can be purchased from Fishermans Way or the Lido when we are there for £4. Please ensure that the gates are kept locked at all times – we own these waters so please help us protect them.

When is junior coaching?

Junior coaching in 2018 is on a Thursday evening 5.30 – 7.30 at the Clarence Park Lido starting on May 3rd. Please call or use facebook to book a place for your youngster to help us prepare for the numbers we may get and so we do not have to disappoint anyone. We will ask parents to complete a consent form for all youngsters under 16 years of age.

Can I learn how to fish?

Yes, by coming to the junior coaching evening or one day courses we put on during some school holidays. If adults want to learn we can also arrange that, come along on a Thursday evening and have a chat with us we will happily find a way to introduce you to our sport.

Can girls fish?

Girls can fish just as well as boys and sometimes better. We already have some very good girls fishing at the club and don’t forget there is a very successful female British international team.

What happens after I catch a fish?

You handle that fish with great care, unhook it and return it safely to the water. You can take a picture and we will happily put it on our facebook site or web page. It is helpful if you let us know ( contact Lee Long) what fish and how many you catch on our different waters.

We have a club policy to catch and return fish, non should be taken away (poaching is illegal) and non should be transferred to another water. Please report any incidents of poor practice to a committee member.
Can I use a keep net on RAA waters?

Keep nets are only allowed to be used during organised club matches that have been agreed with the match secretary. This decision was taken at the 2016 AGM to minimise the risk of transferring disease to our waters and to improve the welfare of fish stocks.

Do I need to show my permit?

Whenever fishing or taking part in a club match you should have you permit. If a bailiff asks to see your permit, they should show you their identification and you should show them without hesitation. A member may ask to see a permit if they are unsure of an anglers ID but they should also show you their current permit. Getting to know our members is important and will help protect your fishing.

Can I buy a day ticket anywhere?

We do have some bailiffs who will check permits and sell day tickets. We would prefer that you bought your day ticket at Fisherman’s Way – the money collected all goes to benefiting the club so please support us.
If I think something is wrong what do I do?

If you think something is “not quite right,” whether it is related to behaviour, removal of fish, treatment of fish or bullying in any way it is important to let us know. Contact either Allan, Neil, David, Lee or Stewart on the telephone number on our website or on the back of your permit immediately.

How will I know what is happening at the club?

We regularly put details of events, matches and other things on our facebook page. We have our new website where there will be posts of everything that is happening and we ask members to give us their mobile telephone number. Using your mobile phone number we can text you when important things are happening, matches, events and messages about the club, we only send short messages ( trying to save money) but it has been a really useful way for us to keep in touch so please let us have your number.

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