Notes from Senior Match Meeting

There was a great turnout from members at the meeting – which was great to see.

*This year’s charity match will be held on Saturday 6th July on Bradshaw Lake 9 and we have asked Allan Dye to select this year’s charity.
*All fishery rules must be abided by all and all rubbish must be removed from your peg failure to carry this out may result from being banned from other matches
*Non members may join us on match days as guests if there are pegs available but will only be able to fish a maximum of 2 matches over the year. They will be able to join the pools but are not entitled to win any trophies.
*Payout on match days will be. The top 3 and depending on amount of anglers sections will be put in place.
*To qualify for a gift on our fur and feather match you must have participated in 2 other matches as a member through the year.
*This year there will be checks carried out by Paul and myself to make sure that you all have a valid rod licence and you have a RAA membership.
*Graham Walsh will be looking after the over 50s matches
*All match results will be posted on FB and on our Website
*The top 3 anglers will be asked of how they have approached the match. This is so we can pass the information to our junior coaching sessions.
*On each match there will be a bucket placed to collect all unused baits this will then be used towards out feeding programmes on our own waters..

The votes
The following votes where voted in at the meeting
1. Fishing times 9am draw fish from 1030 till 1530
2. Peg and Pool fees. They will change fro £20 to £15 per match
3. The league entry fees will stay the same at £25

If anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me on 07931570581 or come and see me at our permit evening on Wednesday 27th February at Walshaw Sports Club.
Hope to see you all out on the bank soon
Lee (match secretary)

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