RAA AGM 2018 Summary Notes

Summary of the meeting which is edited content:
AWD opened the meeting on Wed. 21 Nov with 19 people present and 2 apologies. Minutes of the previous AGM were accepted and there were no matters arising.
Chairman and Secretaries reports were presented. Membership is made up of 80 senior members and 33 juniors. The summer junior coaching programme had 31 sessions and 53 different youngsters attending. There were a total of 373 attendances with 39 male and 14 female. 15 youngsters attended at least 10 sessions with 4 attending 20+ and the best 27 sessions. Thanks go to GM Police for the grant from “Giving Back” which ensured equipment for all, bait and free membership once they had completed 5 sessions. Thanks were expressed to coaches, volunteers and parents/carers for their support for the sessions and patience as we worked our way through the problem of not catching fish!
Youngsters not only fished but also received an evenings fly fishing instruction through the Professional Game Angling instructors with whom we have a good working relationship. They have also had the opportunity to learn skills such as rig making and knot tying etc to improve their understanding of the sport. This continues throughout the winter months on Thursday evenings, twice a month.
An advanced group of juniors attended Bradshaw Fishery on Thursday evening to prepare them for our first entry into the National competition. They worked very hard and were pleased to achieve a 4th place an excellent first attemp with hopes to improve in the future. Big thanks to Dave Marshall for “driving” this project and the other coaches for their support alongside parents without whom it wouldn’t happen.
The Lido project has evolved to solve problems related to environment and habitat for the fish. Liaison with many agencies has seen the plan develop and thanks go to Angling Trust, Environment Agency and Institute of Fisheries for advice and support. NW indicated the importance of the work done to bid for grants and the success we have had with funding from the Angling Trust for the work on the Lido. Thanks were expressed to the members and volunteers who have been involved in the Lido project and noted the valuable donation of stone, through a member and machinery which made life so much easier.
NW also identified work being supervised by volunteer members on our other waters and working parties improving pathways at Crown Pools, Clarenden St and Springwood. Thanks were expressed to all volunteer bailiffs and members who have taken responsibility for supervising and monitoring our estate waters.
NW spoke about the new website which still needs some work but now offers the option for permit sales. A whats App group now has AT and EA access which provides evidence of work being carried out.
Lee delivered his report as Match Secretary offering thanks for the work done by everyone. Specific thanks to team captains – Gary Wright, Jake Pope and Gabby Marshall and Paul Corser for support and coaches, parents and supporters of the juniors.
Lee spoke about the variety of senior matches that had been held, providing data on the totals of fish caught, individual performance etc. A charity match in aid of The Brains Trust raised £200 and particularly important that it was dedicated to the wife of a club member.
Juniors had 5 matches which were often “flexible” catering for advanced juniors and those fishing their first match. The commitment that was needed by those that fished the Nationals was highlighted and that many of the advanced juniors had developed to continually improve their personal best weights througthout the year and were now competing in matches with our seniors. A free peg for 1 junior will be offered in senior matches in the coming season. Senior and Junior matches are booked for 2019 and a group of over 50’s matches. Matches are now being booked on fisheries for 2020.
NW presented the Treasurers Report. Neil identified the value of grants bid for and achieved this year and identified the reasons why monies in the account are ring fenced for particular activity and the nature of funding bids and suppliers etc. Neil spoke to the balance sheet that was available to members and responded to questions.
Neil presented thanks for a donation that has been received from MAM ( Match Anglers) for the development of junior angling at the club for the sum of £1205. It was also noted that a funding bid to AT will facilitate storage for the club at Bradshaw Fishery where we have a focus for junior match angling.
All posts for officers were uncontested with Paul Corser taking the role of Assistant match Secretary. Within the coaching structure we made job role/title changes with Allan Dye as Co-ordinator of Coaching; Dave Marshall Lead Coach and Lee Long Assistant Lead coach.
The following were elected as committee members – Peter Knowles; Graham Walsh; Arthur Davies; David Hardman and John Holton. AD reinforced that there was an invite for anyone interested to attend committee meetings to help and support decision making.
The meeting was concluded with Peter Knowles being recognised for his many years of support and membership in the club having held the post of treasurer and still a committee member and regular match angler and accepted as a HONORARY MEMBER.
This is a summary of the minutes for information and a full minute will be placed on the website in the future. If I have missed anything, apologies and there were two many thanks to individuals to mention them all – so Thanks to everyone. I will mention individual thanks to Bradshaw Hall Fishery; Bait -Tec; Fisherman’s Way, Bury; Tonge Angling supplies; Marshalls ( Quarry); PJP plant hire; Environment Agency for their support and a very specific thanks to Marcus whose expertise as a diver has proved very valuable to us on a number of occasions – WHERE WOULD WE BE WITHOUT VOLUNTEERS- THANK YOU ALL.
There will be possible errors or items you consider should have been included, this is my representation of the meeting for general information to be published on facebook so my apologies if that is the case. – Allan